Three Most Popular Colorado Wedding Bouquets

Three Most Popular Colorado Wedding Bouquets

(Guest post by Reese Foster)

We have helped wedding couples with over 1,000 weddings. Choosing the right bouquet to match your vision, dress, and budget can be a little daunting. We think bridal magazines and Pinterest are excellent places to start. Vickies Flowers also has a very robust image gallery of wedding flowers I have made over the years.

I thought it would be fun to do a search of my wedding bouquets and see which ones have been the most popular over the last 11 years of being in business. Here are the top 3 flowers and wedding bouquets:

Outdoor photograph of bride holding a purple cascading wedding bouquet. This unique, full and gorgeous bouquet is made with purple Orchids and white Stephanotis.
The blue and purple Orchid wedding bouquet is by far the most popular bouquets. This is because of it's beautiful teal center and plum purple tips. These intense colors will really make your wedding something that people will remember. This beautiful bouquet really adds contrast against a white or ivory dress. Your bridesmaids can match your bouquet, with teal dresses. You can even use these flowers as beautiful table center pieces. Some brides have chosen to fill a vase with water and have the flowers floating under a candle.

Studio photograph of white cascading bridal bouquet with White cymbidium Orchids and Asiatic Lilies.
White is the timeless color for many weddings. A white wedding bouquet with Lilies, Orchids, Roses, or Gladiolas have been very popular choice. White flowers are traditionally the color of purity and innocence. Whites will compliment just about any color of your bridesmaids dresses. White flowers are also very popular for building a base. I like to add other colors to the white wedding bouquets that will be matching the dresses, themes, or decor. Pastel colors look great with white wedding bouquets.

Beautiful detailed photograph of red, white and pink cascading wedding bouquet. Flowers include white Calla lilies, red Roses, pink Orchids, Wax Flower, white Roses, and Hypericum Berries.
Red and white or pink are very popular color combinations. Cascading bridal bouquets with red Roses, Orchids, or Lilies are classy and popular. There is an endless combination of red, pink, and white flowers that may be used for your wedding bouquet.

Thanks for looking reading and looking at my most popular wedding bouquets.

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