Black Orchid Prom Corsage or Boutonniere

Black Orchid Wrist Corsage for Prom

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Do black Orchids really exist? Not really. However, the Orchidaceae (Orchid) are a diverse and widespread family of flowering plants, with blooms that are often colorful and fragrant, commonly known as the orchid family.   Orchids are one of the most common flowers in the world.  Orchids are considered a “premium” flower for florists.  We will often use the following variety of Orchids to build prom corsages and boutonnieres:  Phalaenopsis  or Dendrobium.  The most common colors for a prom corsage or boutonniere is white, blue, purple or variegated (multi-colored) .  Black Orchids do not exist in nature.

Where Do Black Orchids Come From?


Photograph of black rose prom corsage with black feathers black gemstones black wrist band.
Black Rose Prom Corsage
Photograph of a Black Orchid Prom boutonniere with silver wire and silver ribbon
Black Orchid Boutonniere

How does a florist obtain black Orchids? Well, they can be dyed by the grower. This is done at a green house where the Orchid stem is cut and placed in in a special organic black dye for the flower to absorb. However, this method is expensive and time consuming and does not always result in a perfectly black Orchid. The other technique is for the florist to dye the flower in the shop with an organic commercial floral dye. We have years of experience dying Orchids black.  The results are stunning and result in a fully blackened Orchid.

Why order a Black Orchid for Prom?

Your prom flowers should be as unique as you are.  However, you do not want your prom flowers to clash with your colors. Black generally goes with anything. Many black fabrics are actually died with a very dark blue. Black and gold corsages, as well as silver and gold corsages are a great color combination.  Consider adding red, yellow, blue, purple, or white accents with your black prom corsage. For the best color combination bring your dress or suit into the flower shop and find a color combination that accents and does not clash.

Images of common wrist corsage and boutonnieres for prom and homecoming:

Photograph of Blue Orchid boutonniere wrapped with purple ribbon and silver wire.Photograph of Beautiful and delicate spiraling white Orchid wrist corsage on silver wire with decorative jews . Wrap to custom fit your wrist or arm.Photograph of Blue Orchid wrist corsage with matching blue Orchid boutonniere. Wrapped with purple lace ribbon, silver wire, and sliver laced ribbon.